Danny Ghitis

Danny Ghitis

I will help you leave your crappy job and find one you love!

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My practice is evidence-based, meaning it's founded on research from coaching psychology, positive psychology, adult learning theory, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

If you work with me, you will:

reframe your personal narrative and tackle obstacles fearlessly to achieve your goals. As an NYU-trained and ICF-certified coach, I help clients find answers and re-discover themselves and their careers.


  • NYU - Advanced Diploma in Coaching
  • ICF - Associate Certified Coach
  • The Flourishing Center - Certified in Applied Positive Psychology
  • The Flourishing Center - (in progress) Bounce Back Better Resilience Trainer
  • University of Florida - Bachelor of Science, Journalism


Life CoachMap Out Your GoalsIdentify Your PurposeMaintain Emotional WellnessBuild Self-ConfidenceStrengthen SpiritualityRelationship CoachDevelop Stronger ConnectionsIncrease IntimacyImprove CommunicationNavigate DatingCareer CoachImprove Public SpeakingJob Search SupportNavigate Career ChangeOvercome Team ChallengesAchieve Work-Life BalanceWellness CoachStart Self CareLeadership CoachManage EffectivelyInfluence Team DynamicsDevelop Executive PresenceShape Organizational CultureNavigate Organizational Challenges

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish


*Client last names are not public to protect the identity of users.

February 2019
By acknowledging and recognizing one’s talent and strength, Danny is very skilled at enabling others to define and develop plans for goal attainment. He is patient and thorough when communicating, demonstrating a unique ability to guide and empower through pointed questions and expert feedback. I highly recommend Danny as a career and life coach.
February 2019
I thought that career coaches fixed your resume, cover letter, and told you what to do but that was not the case at all. Danny helped me help myself during sessions; his guidance allowed me to pinpoint my own mental blocks and how to overcome them. The result was that I started to pursue my goals differently so I could start moving forward. I appreciated his flexibility and determination in helping me achieve those goals. I found the experience to be fun and transformative, so I would definitely recommend Danny if you’re looking to make a change in your professional life!
February 2019
My coaching with Danny was enlightening. He helped me uncover some very deeply held work philosophies, helped me articulate what I needed my next career step to be and what process I needed to do to get there. He held me accountable to my goals and never shied away from asking the tough questions. I set a major goal of getting to my next career step in a new job. Not only did I achieve that, with Danny’s coaching I was confident to ask above offer and ultimately received quite a bit over the original offer with an added bonus!
February 2019
I arrived at the coaching experience by mere chance through a separate networking app, and was drawn in immediately by his professionalism and the evidence-based framework of the coaching program. He is extremely perceptive, sensitive, and focus-driven. I began with a rather daunting decision-problem about my career path as the focus of our work, and within a few focused sessions he had provided me with enough of a fresh perspective that I was able to quickly narrow in on the path I really desired and start outlining actions and benchmarks toward my new goals. He is especially effective at listening and guiding one towards answers and actions without offering advice; it truly is a practice of directing the client to find their own way, as is appropriate to such personal journeys. And he fostered a great sense of trust and openness throughout.
February 2019
Danny's coaching is targeted, focused, and effective. In our sessions, Danny asks questions that spark deep personal insights. These insights have shifted the way I see and understand myself. By helping me articulate my aspirations, and through deep, empathetic listening, Danny has equipped me to overcome my creative blocks and limiting beliefs. Our sessions are empowering and thought-provoking. If you feel like it's time for a paradigm shift, Danny is the coach to call.
February 2019
I credit my work with Danny for having effected major shifts in my clarity and mindset with respect to my creative practice, which in turn has led to major changes in my life circumstances. Having worked as an independent artist for ten years, I was managing to make work and finding occasional opportunities while eking out a livelihood. While I felt proud of this, I was also aware that it involved a degree of struggle that was wholly unsustainable. Through working with Danny, I was able to hone in on the essence of my most urgent and meaningful goals and identify attainable, realistic actions to undertake in pursuit of those goals. The practice of verbalizing these goals and actions repeatedly was, I feel, incredibly effective for catalyzing shifts and effecting change. Our work together required significant patience and perseverance and pointed self-reflection, but the fruits of these labors — which have recently begun to emerge in earnest — have been truly astonishing. I now find myself in a period of professional thriving and abundance that has been unprecedented in my life to date, and I am grateful beyond words for these outcomes.

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