Terri Flynn

Terri Flynn

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Coaching is exciting and challenging because each person brings their unique  approach, timetable, and definition of success.  My intention is to develop a comfortable rapport and create an environment that's conducive for people to achieve their life and professional goals.  I focus on what people are capable of, not on what they can't do.  I’m  positive, honest, direct, and understanding.

Guiding Principles:

Without exception, I believe everyone is capable of achieving what they want.  The most profound progress happens when people begin to make choices based on their purpose and values.  They achieve their intended outcome and reap the unexpected benefits of a more fulfilling existence because their life is aligned with who they are and what they want.

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About Me

As a coach, educator and artist, I'm passionate about inspiring people to challenge their own limitations to make room for their dreams and ambitions in work and life.  My coaching and workshops introduce subjects and situations that empower people to change their patterning and make different choices that improve their work, life, health, and happiness quotient.


Certified Life Coach - ACC designation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Career Coach - Trained with the National Career Development Association (NDCA)

Certified Retreat Leader with Mountain Coaching

HeartMath - Mentor Coach

Education - Master's Degree in Organization Development, Business undergraduate degree, Certificate in Art and Psychology




Life CoachMap Out Your GoalsIdentify Your PurposeMaintain Emotional WellnessBuild Self-ConfidenceStrengthen SpiritualityCareer CoachJob Search SupportNavigate Career ChangeAchieve Work-Life Balance

Languages Spoken

  • English


Why did you start your coaching business?

  • I knew I needed to do something that mattered... For many years I enjoyed a successful career in the corporate world first in IT sales, then as an and organization development consultant, and last as business owner of a training company teaching consultants to consult. Everything changed when I married and had a family; they became the center of my world which continues to this very day. So I knew I had to find something that I felt deeply connected to and loved. I found that in this work because it connected my love of learning, my passion for art, and my creative spirit. I named my business Tru4you because each person has an innate ability to know what is true for them.

How I coach

  • We are looking for connection... As my business grows and rides the turbulent effects of many trial and error mistakes, I continue to learn and change just like the people with whom I work. As I coach and lead groups, I'm realizing more and more that there's a profoundly deep desire that we all share (or most of us). It's a need for connection, meaning and happiness. In everything I do I seek to meet people where they most comfortable and where they can feel safe enough to share and work from their truth. This is a foundational concept of my coaching style. What people get from me is my most honest, intuitive self; a whole person committed to showing up with the courage to be truly authentic. How this translates for you. My invitation is to experience for yourself what it feels like to openly share your vision, be heard and know someone truly believes that you’re capable of anything you set your mind and heart to achieving. I welcome the opportunity to get to know you and hear your story.


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